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Potato Salad and Hot potato Salad


Potato Salad

6 medium potatoes

6 eggs

2 medium onions

280 ml (1/2 pt) salad dressing




diced cucumber or radish slices

lettuce leaves


Choose Potatoes of equal size. Wash well but do not peel. Place them on trivet, add water,close lid, bring to pressure and cook for 8 minutes. Reduce pressure quickly under cold running water.

At the same time hard-boil the eggs. Put eggs in cold water before shelling them. Drain and peel potatoes. slice the potatoes eggs and onions thinly, keeping them in separate piles.

Select a salad bowl that is fairly deep and arrange the ingredients in alternating layers as follows, potatoes, salad dressing, onion, egg, seasoning, until all the potatoes are used.

Reserve some egg slices for the top garnish. Diced cucumber and radish slices may be incorporated in the layers of ingredients.

Refrigerate until chilled thoroughly. Immediately before serving mix all together carefully with two spoons gently lifting and stirring without breaking the slices. Decorate the edge of the bowl with lettuce leaves and the top with slices of egg.

Sprinkle paprika over the dish.

Hot potato Salad

6 medium potatoes

4 eggs

4 slices of bacon

1 large sweet onion

175g (6 oz) celery

50ml vinegar

2 tablespoons of sugar

salt and pepper



Prepare and cook potatoes whole in pressure cooker. Hard-boil eggs at same time. Drain peel and dice potatoes into 13 mm (1/2 in) pieces. Shell and slice eggs. Keep warm (while preparing remaining ingredients) preferably oven proof dish on low heat. Reserve one egg for garnish.

Cut bacon into small pieces and fry in a pan until crisp. Cut celery finely and mince onion.

Remove bacon from heat and allow to cool slightly then add the sugar and vinegar. Return to heat and stir in the celery, onion and seasoning.

When all ingredients are hot remove pan from heat and pour the contents over the dish of potatoes and eggs. Garnish with the egg slices. Serve at once or keep hot until ready to serve.

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Lamb Dopiaza

500g (1lb) stewing lamb

500ml (1pt) yoghurt

Fresh ginger root

1 tablespoon tomato puree

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1/2 teaspoon turmeric

1 kg sliced onions

2tablespoons ghee or oil

1 teaspoon garlic powder or 2 crushed cloves of garlic

1 tablespoon coriander

1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper


Combine meat yoghurt, tomato puree, cumin, ginger, turmeric, garlic, coriander, cayenne and salt and fry gently in oil till all oil is absorbed. Add 140ml (1/4pt) water and simmer in open pan till that too is absorbed.

Now add a further 100ml (under 1/4 pt) water and lay sliced onion on top.

Pressure cook 10 minutes. Watch and listed carefully towards the end of cooking time. If valve stops hissing you have run out of cooking liquid.

Before serving squeeze lemon juice and sprinkle garam masala.

Works equally well with beef and chicken.