Foods at Home

10 May

Chinese Foods

There is an old Chinese  proverb that say To the ruler people are heaven ; to the people food is heaven food is precious to the Chinese and treated with great care and respect. For them diet and cooking are very impotent.

Chinese food should always be sweet, sour, bitter, salty and hot taste.

Traditional meal consist of two parts called ‘Fan-cai’

Fan means simply stable grain such as rice, noodles or dumplings

cai means which is anything else such as fish, meat, poultry and veritable dishes.

Italian Foods

Italy is a country positively vibrating with enthusiasm for life and for food ! It is rich in culture and natural resources. From glistening olives to fragrant, robust wins, sun- ripened tomatoes to creamy white cheese, the Italian cook has a wide variety of ingredient to choose from and uses every one with skill and dexterity.

Italian meals will always be three-course affair. meal will begin either with a pastaciutta or a soup , then there will be a main course, followed by fruit. As with everything else, customs differ from north to south. Northerners are tend to cook a big lunch. then have a more frugal everything meal, while be more substantial than the midday meal colazione means breakfast, but as breakfast usually consists of just a cup of coffee or very little more, in more refined circles colazione indicates lunch, while pranzo is an evening meal. Ordinary folk will call pranzo the middyy meal and cena the evening one pranzo is also a celebration feast.

Thai foods

Thai cuisine is the national cuisine of Thailand. Thai meals typically consist of either a single dish or it will be rice(khao in Thai) with many complementary dishes. Although rice is a mainstay at the Thai table, rice flour,egg or mung bean noodles are almost as widespread. Thai cooks have taken this Chinese import-the noodles- and created numerous delectable dishes, from stir-fries and salads to soups and delicate snacks.



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